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About SkySmart: Discover How We Work & Meet Our Team

By fusing cutting-edge solutions with a commitment to world-class service, SkySmart enables brick-and-mortar businesses to thrive in a digital age.

About SkySmart

SkySmart empowers businesses to build deeper connections with customers through a blend of WiFi analytics and marketing solutions.


Who We Work With

Our solutions are perfectly suited to businesses offering on-site WiFi to customers, visitors, or the passing public. Examples include:

  • Malls and stores
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Resorts, gyms, and spas
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Visitor attractions
  • Retail and hospitality businesses of all kinds

From local chains to multinationals with 1,000+ sites, our solutions suit any client wishing to leverage their existing infrastructure to boost awareness, build loyalty, and grow sales.

Our Approach

We believe tech services needn’t be provided by faceless corporations pushing one-size-fits-all solutions. By choosing SkySmart, you can expect…

A Consistent Point of Contact

While some providers funnel inquiries through admin staff, our small team of dedicated specialists will provide you with a consistent point of contact. With SkySmart, you’ll deal with experts, and experts only, from set up through to campaign implementation.

A Bespoke Service

Our bespoke solutions can be tailored to suit varied needs: Some businesses require a simple means of utilizing WiFi analytics; others require a full suite of services. Likewise, some clients prefer remote set up, while larger roll-outs may warrant several site visits.

Modern Solutions; Traditional Values

Our solutions might exist at the cutting edge of marketing technology, but they’re backed by a commitment to distinctly traditional values. At SkySmart, we cherish the long-term partnerships we build with our clients, and work tirelessly to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Chris Wiggins

Meet SkySmart Co-Founder Chris Wiggins

Our co-founder, Chris Wiggins, is an experienced marketing and business development professional who recognized opportunities alongside the threats posed by evolving digital markets. With many brick-and-mortar businesses struggling to adapt, and the role of face-to-face sales waning, Wiggins sought out solutions to level the playing field.

Having previously provided balloon-based WiFi and security surveillance to clients including the US Coastguard, oil companies, and sports stadiums, WiFi analytics began as a powerful add-on. But Wiggins was quick to identify the broader appeal of these easy-to-implement solutions.

The result was SkySmart – a refreshingly unique tech provider that empowers brick-and-mortar businesses to connect with customers in ways once reserved for online competitors.

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We stand ready to support the success of your business – now and into the future.

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