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Powerful WiFi Analytics & WiFi Marketing Solutions

Discover SkySmart’s suite of WiFi analytics & WiFi marketing solutions. Build loyalty & boost sales by getting to know your customers like never before!

A Full Suite of WiFi Analytics & WiFi Marketing Solutions

Our wide-ranging solutions can be tailored to fit your requirements; let’s start by looking at what you want to achieve…

I Want to Learn More About My Customers

Once, customers would come and go, leaving few clues to their preferences and behaviors. Now, the SkySmart WiFi Analytics platform allows you to dig deep and know your customers like never before:

  • Guests log in via a captive portal, providing you with each user’s email or Facebook details.
  • We then generate a unique profile on our database – and supplement it with data as the user moves through affiliated WiFi networks.
  • Everything’s visible on demand through our intuitive dashboard.
I Want to Run Targeted Guest WiFi Marketing Campaigns

Once you know who’s passing through your premises, you can begin utilizing guest WiFi marketing to engage a tuned-in demographic:

  • Deliver notifications and announcements as users log in.
  • Follow up with ultra-targeted email campaigns to maintain brand awareness.
  • Understand what your customers really think, with surveys and feedback forms.
I Want to Relax, While You Take Care of the Techy Bits

Many providers will leave you to learn and program their platform yourself, but with SkySmart Marketing Campaign Implementations, we’ll take care of the techy bits, so you don’t have to.

  • You provide us with the ad or survey you wish to run.
  • You choose who to target.
  • We program our platform and implement the campaign for you.
I Want to Run Ads Across Affiliated WiFi Networks

Why stop with your own WiFi? At SkySmart, we make it easy to deliver targeted WiFi marketing campaigns to guests accessing affiliated networks across the globe.

  • Build interest in promotions, sales, and events by reaching a broad range of potential customers.
  • Serve a rich variety of immersive media, including images, GIFs, and videos.
  • Maximize conversions by targeting specific demographics in locations of your choice.
I Want to Implement Facial Recognition Technology

Provide your guests with enhanced security and convenience by implementing SkySmart’s powerful facial recognition solution, underpinned by Amazon Rekognition.

  • Instant and automated identification against a database, with entry on approval.
  • Operates at the entrance to your premises, or at your check-in desk.
  • Utilizes existing surveillance equipment, avoiding unnecessary hardware costs.
I Want to Start Right Now!

We’re happy to hear it… Simply contact our dedicated team to discuss your goals and explore the many ways we can help you achieve them.

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